The Taming of the Esterfeyn


In the year 1439 of the 2nd Age of Cath-Atalain, Monarch Nevell, sovereign lord of Marinol, enacts the “Edict of Zertanian Passage.” The rich deserts of Zertanian, at the southern edge of the continent, bring goods both essential and exotic to the Kingdom of Marinol. Currently, these are shipped along sea routes at great cost to traders, sailors, and their respective kingdoms.

To guarantee the safety of this cargo for years to come, Nevell calls for willing swords to protect a road crew. His goal is an overland route through the wilds, connecting the two nations.

As news of this project spreads through the West, the nations of Cath-Atalain come to realize the vast riches to potentially be found in the Esterfeyn. Thus began the Esterfeyn Rush, which you are a part of.

The Esterfeyn itself is a savage and wild land. Great plains, dark forests, native beasts and men alike threaten all but the most hardened of warriors. Likewise, precious goods, labor, education and civilization can be found.

As a member of what will be known as the Esterfeyn Rush, you pledge allegience to a royal House of the West – or forge out on your own – in search of passages to different locales, profit-bearing resources, people, and your way to the top.

One way or the other, The Esterfeyn will be tamed.

Taming of the Esterfeyn