The Pass of Gathar

Marinol’s officially established passage into the Lands of Danger, The Pass of Gathar is a small town in the windswept Greyaardk Mountains. Overseen by the appointed Commandant Strockun, Gathar maintains a small economy with a blacksmithy, provisioner, apothecary, and a tavern/inn. Under strict supervision, Strockun sees that all seeking southern passage bear the proper documentation. He has been known to charge a ‘toll’ for the use of his town, as well.

The Pass of Gathar

Keep of Gathar
The Smoking Stovepipe
Temple of Dhorne
Gathar Shoppes
Alec’s Apothecary
Gathar Barracks
Western Gate
Eastern Gate

Commandant Luther Strockun
Priest Valan (Temple of Dhorne)
Julien & Harien Caadil (Smoking Stovepipe)
Alec Breggo (Apothecary)
Fronk (Blacksmith)
Rauth Endhearst (Provisioner)
Victrin Oneros (Guard Captain)

The Pass of Gathar

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